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Our Story

Loblolly Acres is a family farm that is run by three generation.  We are proud to be a family run farm that is bringing agriculture to Delawareans.

In 1964 Gooden and Barbara Warren, both native Delawareans, purchased what is now called Loblolly Acres.  It was purchased with no electricity, running water, phone lines, or modern amenities.  There was an old house and an old barn that were both torn down immediately.  Only a small shed was left.  

From scratch, Mr. Warren built the current house that is on the farm brick by brick.  To say the least, it was a labor of love, built for his love, Barbara Ann.  By 1965 the Warren family moved in to the newly built home.  Vegetables and traditional farm crops were always grown on the farm for the family.  In the 1970's Barbara Ann decided that she wanted to start her own farming business that would also be sharing crops for her favorite holiday; Christmas!  

The family took the one room shed and turned it into a Christmas shop and planted 10 acres of Christmas trees.  Loblolly Acres was then transformed into a Christmas delight.  Barbara threw herself into her work and loved every minute of it.  Her business then began to grow.  She planted more Christmas trees, hired amish girls to help her around the farm, planted mums, and expanded what she carried in her shop.  Over the years, she had her grandchildren assist her and helped teach them excellent work ethic and farm life.  

[Cheryl and her grandson, Carson]

She made Loblolly Acres into a Delaware treasure.  By 1999 she was ready to expand her shop and business.  Gooden built the expansion of the shop into what is today, giving Loblolly Acres plenty of indoor and outdoor room for families to roam.  In 2000, before the grand opening of the expansion Barbara Ann was in a fatal accident while delivering mums.  It was tragic and life changing for the entire family.

Although it was an extremely difficult decision, Barbara Ann's daughter, Cheryl, decided to quit her teaching career and assist with Loblolly Acres to keep her mother's dream alive.  

Since 2000, Cheryl has been running the family farm with the help of all three of her children.  For more information on what happens on the farm check out the following links:

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