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Furry Friends

The animals at are farm are just like family.  They are not bought just for the petting zoo, but instead, each family member is an owner of members of the petting zoo.  We ask that you please don't feed our animals because they are already too loved as it is.  You can visit our animals during field trips and group tours during the week or on the weekends.  They sure do love to get attention!

The Burro Family: Adopted from out west, these sturdy little burros have found a home at Loblolly Acres.  They seem timid, but are quite kind and gentle; just a little shy.  They do like to sneak out of their fence and roam the Christmas tree fields.  Keep an eye out for them. For more pictures of them, check out the photo library.*On September 8, 2012, Baby Dori was born to the Burro family.  Visit her in the petting zoo.

Carl: He came to us in the fall of 2011 and has been a joy to work with.  He loves to wear his Christmas scarf in the winter.  But watch out, because if Carl doesn't get the attention he wants, he will head butt you!

Picture to come soon.

Dreamy: She is an older mare who has resided on Loblolly Acres her entire life.  She loves grazing in the pasture and having her neck rubbed.

Chickens: We have exotic chickens.  Learn about them on group tours and who lays the Easter Eggs.

Freedom:  HeeHaw HeeHaw.  Freedom is a Sicilian donkey.  We call Freedom our guard donkey because he protects all the animals on the farm from foxes.  He loves to have his big ears rubbed and will trot after you for attention.

Liberty is our Freedom look-a-like.  He is Freedom's baby and they are just the same.  The only way to tell them apart is that Liberty is a little bit taller.

Max: He is a show horse that likes to do his own thing.  He likes to hang out in the barn and his best friend is little Sammy.

Monty and Prickly Pete:  These two little hedgehogs joined us recently.  They can sometimes be quite prickly to the touch but are so much fun to watch (when they are awake).

Mr. Rudolph (Rudy) the Pink Nosed Pig: Rudy is the all-star here at Loblolly Acres.  He loves to get scratched behind his ears and demands all the attention.  He is quite the little stud.

Wilbur Charles Pickle Pig: Our newest pig in the fall of 2012.  He was a bit neglected when he arrived at Loblolly Acres, but he is now doing well and being trained to walk on a leash.  We sure do love this little fella.

Sammy:  Our little fat pony that loves to gallop around the farm.  He can usually be found in the petting zoo or spending time with Max.   Most recently, he is learning how to pull a cart.

Sox: Soxwell is bred and born on Loblolly Acres.  He is a sweet appaloosa who always welcomes happy visitors.

Savanna: She is our giant horse that pulls the carts.  She is learning how to pull carts and one day she may even give you a ride!

The goats: Tid Bit, Midnight, and Al:  The fun little goats of the farm.  They love to run around causing mischief and spend a lot of time with Mr. Pig.

Willow Millow: Sweet little Willow is the face of the Loblolly Acres petting farm.  You can follow her on Facebook to find out what is going on with the animals on the farm.  Willow likes to spend her time in human arms or sleeping under a blanket.  Be sure to say hi to her on the farm because she loves the attention.

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