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Family First

Have you ever visited a farm, maybe even Loblolly Acres, and thought, "wouldn't it be nice to live here."  We have heard it from many people before; how lucky we are to get to live in the country and do what we do.  And let me tell you, we will be the first to admit how grateful we are for our lifestyle and how blessed we are to be living and breathing Loblolly Acres.

But there is more to Loblolly Acres than just what the public sees.  We are a family run business, and as I am sure all of you know, working with family can have it's ups and downs.  It is also a job that never ends.  Before the doors open at 9am, we have to have our animals fed, lights turned on, shop cleaned, food prepped, shop restocked, and family happy.  Once the doors close at 5pm, we turn off the lights, feed all the animals, feed the family, plan events for the farm, pay the employees, clean up, vacuum the shop, clean the barn, and more.  It is an on going process that has a never ending To Do List and we love it!

If you ever run into Cheryl, the owner, you are bound to hear her say, "We need a reality show."  And she is not exaggerating.  The stories that happen at Loblolly Acres sound like they are out of a book and could not possibly be real.  (For most of the family, it is just another day at the farm.)  We have had sheep sneak into the bathroom, pigs stroll down the lane, a man come to check up on his tree every day after hours, reindeer get lose, grumpy grandpa rants and raves to the animals, and more!  On top of these crazy stories, we have quite an eccentric kinship on the farm.  There is Cheryl, the energizer bunny who runs the place; her father, Gooden (or grumpy grandpa, or Pop-pop as he is referred to), who is the founder of the farm; Rachael, Cheryl's oldest daughter who works weekends and knows everything about everyone; Megan, the middle child, who works full time for the family businesses; Adam, the baby boy who attends college and works weekends on the farm; Victor, cheryl husband who is a chiropractor/cowboy; Carson, Rachael's son and quite the little charmer.  Each person is a character in their own right, which adds to a lot of entertaining stories.

On this blog, we invite you to share in the adventures of Loblolly Acres.  We will tells stories as they happen and also share with you some of the more amazing and unbelievable tales that have occurred on the farm.  We look forward in sharing this journey with you.

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